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What are the Expenses of Hosting Corporate Events in Non-Typical Venues?

We find that as our clients seek to create unique and memorable experiences for their employees and stakeholders, non-typical venues are gaining popularity. Whether it’s an art gallery, a rooftop garden, or an industrial warehouse, these unconventional spaces add a creative flair to corporate events. However, with the allure of uniqueness comes a set of unique expenses that often clients have not considered. This week’s post we will delve into what we need to consider when we work outside of a traditional venue setting.

Venue Rental Costs:

While non-typical venues offer a distinctive ambiance, they often come with a hidden price tag than conventional spaces. These venues may not be designed for corporate events, so modifications and accommodations for professional setups could incur additional costs. As event planners, we carefully evaluate venue rental fees, negotiating terms and understanding what is included in the price. It may seem more cost effective to use your own office or warehouse but there are other considerations as well (see below).

Infrastructure and Technical Requirements:

Unlike dedicated event spaces, non-typical venues may lack essential infrastructure for corporate events. Expenses related to technical requirements such as sound systems, lighting, and audio-visual equipment should be factored into the budget. The need for generators, extra power sources, and specialized technical support might arise. Additionally, bringing in table chairs, bars and even additional washrooms contributing to the overall cost.

Permits and Licenses:

Hosting an event in a non-typical venue may require securing various permits and licenses. Different municipalities have distinct regulations, and compliance can involve fees. Being aware of the necessary paperwork, from liquor licenses to special event permits, to avoid unexpected expenses and legal complications.

Catering and Hospitality Services:

While some non-typical venues may have on-site catering facilities, others may not. If the chosen venue lacks a kitchen or catering staff, bringing in external catering services could become a significant expense. Additionally, transportation and setup costs for catering equipment and personnel should be considered when planning the budget.

Décor and Ambiance:

One of the main attractions of non-typical venues is their unique ambiance. However, transforming these spaces to align with corporate branding and event themes may require additional decor expenses. Customizing the venue to meet corporate standards, from signage to branded materials, can add a layer of cost that is often overlooked.

Transportation and Accessibility:

Non-typical venues may be situated in locations with limited transportation options or require additional arrangements for guest access. Costs associated with shuttle services, parking facilities, and accessibility modifications for disabled guests should be accounted for in the budget.

While hosting a corporate event in a non-typical venue can offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary, careful consideration of the associated expenses is paramount. Working with your event professional is a must (we wrote a post on that too!) By navigating these expenses with foresight and strategic planning, organizers can ensure a successful and memorable corporate event in any unique setting. But the bottom line is, it is rarely, if ever less expensive. It is however worth it if you want something beyond the ordinary. Looking to explore an out of the box experience, we would love to work with you. We can be reached at info@jenniferjamesevents.com

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