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I have a confession; I am one of those people who loves to plan networking events but doesn’t love participating myself. After a visit to the Go West Conference in Edmonton for event professionals last month, I thought this week we could discuss how to make it a teeny bit easier at the next corporate event you attend. This will involve a combination of social skills, genuine interest, and strategic planning.
When I began my career in event planning, the idea of managing budgets seemed a little overwhelming. It was never covered in any of the event management classes I took and, despite being a vital aspect of every event, it seems to be a bit of an industry secret. So, this week let’s talk about some of the nuances of building an event budget. It’s time to share what no one else seems to talk about! The Framework
Over the past 15 years working as an event planner, I have had the opportunity to produce a number of public events, tradeshows, and fundraisers; outside of my normal corporate social events. It was through these initiatives that I discovered the fascinating effect psychology can play in effectively pricing your events. I’ve recently been invited to a public Opening Gala event here in Calgary for the opening of a large public
Home for the holidays? Your local event rental company is the best way to make your home holiday celebrations less stressful! With Christmas and New Year’s Eve being right around the corner, I decided to speak about how you can make your home as festive as possible by using the magic of rentals! As an event planner in Calgary. I’ve used Special Event Rentals (SER) many times, not only for my corporate events, but also when I’ve
SHHHHHH can you keep a secret?! As we head into the holiday event planning season here in Calgary, I decided to pull a page out of my little black book and talk about one of my secret weapons in my event tool box - event lighting. While you may never really noticed it, until it’s really done well – lighting  has been and continues to be one of those layered touches. I have used it to elevate many of the