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Planning is planning – on so many levels, I have no doubt that my event colleagues across North America would agree. Yet there are some distinct advantages to working with a local event planner that can make a significant difference in the success of your event.

The Hometown Advantage

There is a wealth of knowledge that comes when you work with a local event planner. When discussing the “why” for your event and considering
With Halloween barely behind us and our favourite retailers showcasing everything we need to create a beautiful holiday in our homes; I feel it's time to talk about Christmas! And more specifically, everyone's favourite work event: Corporate Holiday Parties. I was recently interviewed by a national publication about the do's and don'ts for hosting holiday parties in your home and I thought I would create a list of what to do and
Living in a city where the economy leaves many struggling, provides endless headlines with various versions of the same story, all which carry the same message ... "the Sky is Falling" ... Companies are looking for all sorts of ways to save money. Unfortunately, layoffs and cut backs have touched many of us. Corporate Social Events are often seen as an accessory, a nice to have but not essential part of work life.