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Stampede 2019: 5 Idea’s to take your corporate event from whoa to Yahoo!!!

Believe it or not it’s almost Stampede time! Yay! Each year The Greatest Show on Earth, takes over our city and we all don our cowboy hats to network, mingle and show off our country roots.

Corporate stampede events are some of my favorites! They’re always designed around fun and are full of amazing energy. The downside, though, is they all tend to follow the same formula: Beer + Cowboy Boots + Country Music and on to the next. Variety isn’t exactly our strong suit but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to set your event apart with some creative touches.

Here are five of my favorite Stampede embellishments to help take your annual Stampede ho down from whoah to Yahoo!


  1. Custom Give-Aways
    How many metal bottle openers and beer mugs have you collected over the years? If you’re anything like me, too many! Give your guests something memorable instead. One of my favorites is Kat Marks Designs. This local artist creates bespoke leather corporate gifts that can incorporate your branding into gifts that everyone will love!


From the simple Bolo tie
Bolo Blue and Yellow


To leather beer holsters & bottle openers.

Checkout the Leathr bar website for so many more idea’s. There is something for everyone!


  1. Custom Cocktails
    Beer may still be the undisputed king of Stampede bevy’s but there’s still room to make your mark at the bar. Craft beer and ciders are a nice subtle departure from the norm while custom cocktails always elevate the prestige of an event while offering a welcome alternative to the drink menus everywhere else.A perfect example of an out of the ordinary drink option is this Cotton Candy cocktail from our friends at Lynn Fletcher Weddings. It’s such a unique and memorable option that tastes amazing! And, really, who doesn’t love a bag of cotton candy on the midway?

Thanks to LFW & Sofia Katherine Photography for this photo


  1. Leave the hay (bales) to the horses
    I’ve talked in the past about the value an event designer or décor house can bring to an event and if you’re really wanting to make an amazing first impression without being cliché, this is how it’s done. Our go-to for a chic twist on a Stampede classic is always the team at One West Event Design. It really is amazing what can be done with a little focused imagination.

Jamboree decor photo

Photo credit Jennifer James Events and Leblond Studio


  1. Live entertainment
    The entertainment alone can make or break any event but that doesn’t always have to mean DJ’s and cover bands. There is some exceptional Canadian talent that is absolutely worth considering before falling back on the old stand-by’s.For instance I was recently introduced to an all girl band who knocked my socks off – Called Nice Horse. They are beyond talented and, mark my words, they will be big some day!

Nice Horse

photo credit:


  1. Location. Location.
    It’s true, Stampede venues can sometimes book up a year in advance but there are still options that won’t relegate you to a dodgy bar in the middle of nowhere.For example, what could be better than hosting right on the grounds? There are numerous options to consider right in the middle of all the action including a Palm Bay Patio at the iconic Nashville North the new Big four Roadhouse – which offers live music, food and even games for corporate events.


There’s still time to stand out! These are just a few of our favorite out of the box ideas but if you’re still looking to make a bigger bang at this year’s event, there’s always so much more where these came from. Contact Jennifer at to your stampede event to the next level.


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