Senior Pictures Spokane

Senior Pictures Spokane

Senior year of high school is a special time. We attend prom, may ask out our first date, and prepare for college and life. Kelly Tereski Photography offers award-winning professionals to capture this time in your life with senior pictures in Spokane.

How can a professional photographer help me?

Your last high school portrait captures a significant time in your life. This portrait may be the final time that you are arrested for posterity before debarking into adulthood. When classmates, family, friends, and future partners look back at your senior portrait, they see the final part of your childhood. Most people want to look their best in these moments.

School photographers work in a limited space. They typically appear on a specific day and use a single monotonous backdrop to capture their subjects. This creates a single monotonous image for everyone but at a low price. However, this scenery is not ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

A trained professional creates a perfect portrait. Experts possess equipment and lenses that far outperform a point and shoot or phone camera. We know the symmetry, lines, and background that bring out your most important features.

Our photographers go one step further to help our clients obtain the best portrait possible. We employee award-winning makeup artists and scenery designers. Our principal photographer, Kelly Tareski, won multiple awards for headshots in Spokane. We combine the powers of lighting, makeup, and visual design for a truly memorable experience.

You need to find a photographer who works with you instead of against you. A forced or unnatural pose is noticed. This creates an unappealing and unsatisfactory portrait.

We work with our clients to obtain the best possible image. Our philosophy extends to every service, using the rustic Western feel dominant in our small city. Whether you are looking for a standard studio portrait or to use the beautiful Washington scenery, we will work with you. This allows our subjects to sail off into the future on good footing.

Where can I find a professional photographer in Spokane?

Looking for the professional to carry you through your right of passage is not a light matter. Many people offer service but not nearly as many are qualified to handle your brand image.

Our award-winning professionals handle any scenario with a well-honed and talented eye. We won the IMTA International Models and Talent best in show award for branding headshots as well as the Portrait Masters bronze in both 2017 and 2018.

Every client is special. Everyone from our photographers to web designer is passionate about their art and wants to create images that you, your children, and their posterity will cherish. A senior portrait is part of your heritage. We want to create something you can boldly present with pride.

Work experience speaks for itself. Many of our clients offer their photographs as samples through our website.

Get in touch with us for more information or browse our online portfolio of senior pictures in Spokane.

Senior Pictures Spokane

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Senior Pictures Spokane

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