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Pretty Vs Planned: Secrets to planning the prettiest events

What I love about events is how multi-layered they are. As a guest you’re simply there to enjoy the experience but no one ever considers the details or the level of planning required to ensure the most basic needs of each guest is met.

The thought that goes into things like room flow or table set up or the event schedule is immense and often takes a diverse team to pull it off. I’m fortunate to work with some of the best event designers in the country and each one of them can tell you that making a room look pretty is one thing but creating an event that not only looks spectacular but FUNCTIONS seamlessly is a whole other set of skills.

Let’s take a closer look at some event details we, far too often, take for granted.


When designing an event space it’s not only important to consider the usual things like themes and branding but also how a space is lit. Effective lighting can used to enhance a mood, highlight important elements or even create exciting illusions. It’s helpful in identifying central walkways and is essential at tables where guests spend much of their evening. Never underestimate the power lighting has on any event.

Site Plans

Site plans are instrumental in ensuring every table, display and entertainment element fits properly in the room. Guests need space to move without feeling crowded while proper service lines and distinct travel paths are also instrumental to ensure proper flow throughout the space. And don’t forget about sight lines! There’s nothing worse than sitting guests with their back to the entertainment or behind an obstacle. Everybody wants a prime seat!


I’ve talked about the importance of doing a menu tasting and maintain it’s an essential aspect of any planning process. Food is ALWAYS remembered and putting in that extra effort to ensure the taste and presentation is on point is always worthwhile.


The planning and coordinating that goes into entertainment is possibly the most time consuming of all.  From contracts, to lighting and sound setups, to rehearsals – what comes off as electric and beautiful often requires the most preparation. Check and double check everything when it comes to your entertainment. Remember, all eyes are on that stage.


Working with a design team who are well educated on event trends and have an inventory of decor can take any event to the next level. Event designers have a key eye for details and know how to maximize any budget. Helping your vision come to life.


The goal of every event we produce is to create an atmosphere that evokes gasps as guests enter a room. Creating a stunning first impression is always a priority but, in truth, the real beauty lies behind the scenes.

If you need help with making your Next Event the Prettiest, or to get an estimate on what planning your next event would be like, contact Jennifer James at 403-294-1644 or email

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