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Post-Pandemic Event Hustle – why event planners are a must have now more than ever.

Previously, I’ve written about the realities our corporate clients are facing when choosing to book events post-pandemic. We talked about planning during uncertainty, corporate responsibility and attendee psychology. Click here if you want to read more.

What has become apparent in the last 6 weeks since writing that post is that people want to gather, and they want to gather now!

I have been super fortunate to have been asked to plan three private events in July, and we have committed to another four events for this fall. Here is why you might need an event planner in your market to ensure your success:


I do not know any other industry that knows how to hustle more than event planners. We are working under short timelines – trying to replace our clients’ lost events from the last year and a half and we are doing it, successfully, with sometimes only a few weeks or months.


Event professionals have the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate post-covid planning. Helping build out plans that allow for dealing like the possibility of delta variant 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. waves.


Event Planners are seeing contracts across the board that are filled with new language about cancelation clauses and, generally speaking, you want someone who is looking out for your organization’s best interests.


As schedules get busier and more events get planned, our suppliers and event partners also are busier. Leveraging long-term relationships have helped ensure our clients have had the successful event outcomes that they wanted.


It is easy to take for granted or forget what goes into making an exceptional event.  It’s been over 18 months since many organizations have planned any in-person events.  The ability to look at all the details while preparing a secondary plan for “just in case” is a full-time job. Perhaps your executive assistant or marketing / HR teams have planned your events internally in the past – but consider that post-pandemic, a professional event management team can plan your events in a shorter period of time and help you navigate the uncertainty of post-pandemic event planning.



Thinking about planning a post pandemic event? We would be happy to connect with you about how we can help you navigate post pandemic event planning. Contact us at



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