Corporate Party Ideas – Start with a Theme!

Corporate Party Ideas – Start with a Theme!


All Corporate Party Ideas begin as a blank canvas. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday party, a corporate Stampede event, a retirement party, anniversary, birthday, or any other special event or occasion.  I have found over the years, that event theming can be a great way to carry a common thread throughout your event. Choosing a theme also makes it easier to  choose various aspects for the event from stationary and invites, to menus and entertainment, even the final touch  – gifts.

Party theming can be quite literal i.e. – a ball, halloween etc; and there are plenty of places to find inspiration. Here are some of the aspects to theme that I like to use when I begin the brainstorming process to help get my creative juices flowing.

Corporate Party – Color Ideas

Weddings are often created from the use of the Bride and Groom’s favorite colors. Color is a great place to create a theme. It may be the colors of your corporate logo or perhaps the color, itself is inspired by the type of event you are creating. For instance, you may be planning your corporate holiday party and decide to use blue as your theme. Blue invokes feelings of coolness and snow, at least here in Calgary in the winter. Before you know it, your choice of blue and white create a magical “Winter Wonderland” that wows your attendees.

Years ago after a trip to Paris, I was inspired by Moulin Rouge. As a result, I created an event called “Red” and many of the photos can be seen in my gallery. Red was the thread throughout the event, from the invite, to the Moulin Rouge-inspired, one-of-a-kind entertainment. Red was also a playful take on a Paris institution.

Corporate Party – Places/ Locations Ideas

Which brings to my next source of theming – places. Travel is a great source of inspiration and may assist with developing Corporate Party Ideas. Paris, London, Morocco, Las Vegas and even the northern lights are potential themes that can help you choose your colors, décor, food etc. I like these ideas, as they work well for special occasions for both corporate and/or personal social events.

Corporate Party – Time Periods

Depending on the type of event you’re creating, you can use past or future elements or time periods to create an amazing event today. Eras like art deco, disco, punk of the 80’s, hippies of the 70’s and of course who doesn’t love a 1920 Gatsby-inspired event to create an opulent event.

Corporate Party- Movies & Pop Culture Ideas

Interestingly,  following the release of Baz Lurhmanns “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, a number of corporate events emerged carrying out that theme.

Movies are an excellent place to look for inspiration for your Corporate Party Ideas. With the release of a new Alice in Wonderland movie this spring, I am already envisioning some fun, over-the-top, Wonderland-inspired events, making their way to the social corporate world. What’s your favorite movie and could you incorporate it into an event?!

Theming really is the foundation to everything and can be done using almost anything from a color to a book and from a dessert to a technology, and everything in between.

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