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The Importance of a Calgary Event Photographer

There was a time in my career where I didn’t put a lot of emphasis on hiring a proper Calgary Event Photographer, and I can say with all honesty that when I would hear the associated costs with using a professional, I would think – I have a camera (wink wink). I’m sure no one reading this has done the same!

In my very first blog I wrote about “Why Hire an Event Planner?” The response – because we bring tremendous value to the table. Part of that value comes from our little black book of vendors, that make both us and our clients look good. Which leads into this week’s conversation – the importance of event photography!

There are so many reasons for hiring a Calgary Event Photographer and I’m going to use these two pictures as an example. At one of my recent events, I asked my event photographer to stand at the same angle as me and take a photo so that I could show the difference between my photo (iPhone) and his fancy SLR – which would also go through the editing process etc. Before we could even take the photo at the angle I suggested, he stopped me and politely informed me that he would never take a picture from that angle,.  It wasn’t visually appealing and he wanted to include one of my table center pieces in the foreground.

BINGO….. right then and there – I knew he was right and that’s why he is so good at what he does.

My iPhone

Jen photo blog

My Photographers Shot



A side note not all photographers can do event photography and to be honest, it can take a while until you find someone whose aesthetics match what you are looking for. Shooting people is sometimes tricky as lighting subjects with lots of movement is difficult. Therefore it’s imperative that if you invest in the service, you choose based on the photographer’s portfolio, references and ideally, personality.

The brilliant thing about event photography is that it captures those moments that your clients may have missed. It also allows the live experiences of your guests to continue on.

I have two personal examples of event photography I’d like to share where photos have added significantly to the event. I have a client who has been doing the same event for the past four years, and every year had a professional photographer capturing  key moments. Now he has been able to look back at these memories through the photos on his website and he was also able to create a memorable video with these images.

The second example is about a client who has been using event photography throughout the year at all of their smaller and larger special events.  Then at their holiday party we were able to have  screens showcasing the images around the room. Throughout the night the attendees gathered around the screens and enjoyed what was clearly wonderful memories of their corporate lives, that included their friends, colleagues and loved ones.

I have a gallery of event photos on my website and there are only a few left from the days when I used to take my own photos. So learn from me and take the time to find a good Calgary Event Photographer – it makes everyone look better!

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