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How to Get RSVP’s to Your Next Corporate Holiday Event

The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about invites to your corporate holiday event. Whether you’re planning a festive office party, a year-end gala, or a casual holiday mixer, getting your coworkers and clients to RSVP will be a major problem. In this blog, we’ll look at some practical tactics for encouraging attendees to RSVPs for your next corporate holiday event sooner!

Save-the-Date and Early Announcements

The key to a successful RSVP campaign is to get started as soon as possible. Give guests plenty of notice by publicizing the event ahead of time. To stimulate initial interest, send out a save-the-date email or text message. This allows your guests to mark their calendars and make your event a priority in their hectic holiday schedules.


Make sure your formal invitations are clear and persuasive when you send them out. Use professional design and words to reflect the event’s importance and excitement. Include all pertinent information, such as the date, time, location, dress code, and a summary of the event’s highlights.

Invitations with a Personal Touch

Consider making your invitations unique. Address your guests by name and, if feasible, include a personal statement emphasizing their significance to your organization. Personal touches can make recipients feel cherished and increase their likelihood of attending.

Multi-Channel Promotion

To promote your event, use a variety of communication methods. Consider using your company’s intranet, social media platforms, and internal newsletters in addition to email invitations to reach your target demographic. Physical invitations or posters can also be used in the workplace to increase visibility.

Provide Incentives

A cut-off date that is firm or only allowing so many guests may inspire early registration as people don’t want to experience FOMO. Or offering a raffle or prize only for those that RSVP early.

Teasers and engaging content

Create intriguing content to generate excitement for the event. Share tidbits, behind-the-scenes looks, or experiences from previous successful holiday parties. This content can be distributed via social media or email to remind your audience of the fun they will have and to encourage them to RSVP.


Because people are busy throughout the holiday season, it is critical to send out reminders. Send out a pleasant reminder a few weeks before the event, followed by another a few days before. These reminders will keep your event in the forefront of your guests’ minds and encourage them to RSVP if they haven’t already.

Simple RSVP Procedure

Make the RSVP procedure as straightforward as possible. Make an easy-to-complete online RSVP form. Include explicit options for people with dietary restrictions or who need specific accommodations. Also, to meet diverse tastes, provide different options for RSVPing, such as online forms, email, or phone calls.

Confirmations should be sent.

Following the receipt of RSVPs, it is critical to email confirmations and communicate your excitement about your guests’ attendance. This not only expresses gratitude, but also acts as a final memento of the event.

If getting RSVP’s to your event is frustrating, you’re not alone! Employing some if not all, the above tactics will help; and were always happy to consult on this or any of your other corporate holiday event needs too – you can reach us at

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