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Event Planning Post Pandemic– Debunking Misconceptions

I am an optimist. I believe in silver linings and practicing gratitude. While there is no doubt this pandemic has been a massive setback, I’ve chosen to spend my downtime developing new skills and planning for the future. As such, my service offerings have now grown to include digital event planning and post pandemic compliance advice – specialties I never would have dreamed of needing in early 2020 have now become the cornerstone of my immediate future.

It’s no secret the event industry has been devastated throughout this pandemic but with restrictions easing in Alberta, we’re set for an immediate comeback, right? Well … not so fast.

While many event professionals have been able to pivot to virtual events or small private events, this style just doesn’t work for every event type. Many larger scale functions just can’t be replicated in a smaller formal or digital landscape and though Intimate gathering may be planned in a matter of weeks, most significant events within the corporate landscape can take months. This means there is no light switch to simply turn our event industry back on. There’s no crystal ball to tell us what the future may hold which means there’s a bit more to consider as we begin to open up and plan those amazing live events again.

Attendee Psychology

To say our pandemic days have been stressful would be a massive understatement. We’ve been inundated with scary scenarios and a complete upheaval of our normal way of life. While there are certainly some segments of the population that are raring to get out into the world, there are also those that will remain a bit more hesitant for some time to come.

When working on events where ticket sales are a part of their budgeting process, these mixed sentiments are important to keep in mind. While many will be excited to join your event in person, it may be worth considering a hybrid approach as well to accommodate those who may not be quite ready to support your event live.

Corporate Responsibility & Liability

The rules may be easing but safety still needs to be top of mind for every organization. Before planning full steam ahead, it’s essential you consider and plan for the unexpected. What COVID protocols need to remain in place? What happens if there is an outbreak? And what are the potential legal ramifications to any event decisions you may make or situations that may develop? You can never be too prepared when it comes to your guest’s safety.

Planning Uncertainty

If there’s one thing that’s never been more clear, it’s that none of us know what the future holds. Restrictions that have disappeared today can come back at a moments notice which makes those contingency plans and cancellation clauses more important than ever. Planning for the unexpected is officially standard protocol.

I’m cautiously optimistic that the worst is behind us but the truth is, it’s not smooth sailing yet. Many companies are understandably still of the “wait and see” mentality while those forging forward must do so extremely carefully. The event industry will one day rebound but until then, we can only our comeback one day at a time.

If you are ready to start planning your next corporate event and need some help or direction, contact us at https://www.jenniferjamesevents.com/get-in-touch-with-us/ and we will help you decide what might be the best fit for you.

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