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Event Planners – How Much Do They make?


As an Event Planner instructor at Mount Royal University, I often encounter people entering the event planning industry. Their ages range from 18- 65 and their experience is all over the map. The question always comes up: Event Planners – How Much Do They Make? I encourage people who are interested in doing these courses to learn more about what we do because there is definitely more to our industry than being “party planners” (insert eye roll here).

Risk management, budget management, people management, resource management, logistics and being creative are just some of the many aspects that it takes to be an event planner.

Anyone who has done this job for more than a few years can share that, this career can be well paying; however, there are very few planners who are “getting rich” off the services we provide.

I came across this link for salary expectations for event planners in Canada – and it may provide some good insight:


It’s important to note that there are many paths to choose from when it comes to working in event planning. Regardless whether you work as an in-house planner for a charity or not-for-profit or work for a large corporation or agency, it’s essential to be realistic about your earning potential in this field. And while events are an integral part of most organizations, salary expectations need to be in check prior to becoming and event planner.

When you make the choice to commit to this career path consider that you are choosing to be in service to others. Truthfully, those who thrive in this industry have a passion for people, organization and creating experiences. Some of us are very detail-oriented, while others are highly creative. Regardless of the strengths and skills we bring to the table, the one aspect we all agree on, is that if you choose this career- its because you cant imagine doing anything else in life!

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