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Event Coordinator Jobs

As I prep to teach my next class called An Introduction to Event Management at Mount Royal University, I can see how grateful I am that these courses exist for people looking for event coordinator jobs. I personally went through this program in 2002 and while it has changed quite a bit over the past 14 years, what has remained the same is giving students the foundation for building great events.

If you are considering a career in event planning then obtaining a certification, diploma or degree is really the best place to start. Not only does it give you the basics in writing a critical path, production schedules, site plans and event scripts, there are also critical conversations about risk management and building safe events.

In Calgary, there are part-time and full-time event management courses that can be completed in class and online. I personally feel strongly about taking these courses in class, rather than online. There is a wealth of knowledge that comes from the in-class instruction, guest speakers and sharing with one another. The course content provides you with a great place to springboard Event Coordinator Jobs from. It also provides you with an opportunity to network and gain both new friends/colleagues. I can personally say that to this day, I have many event friends and colleagues that I met years ago when we were going through the program together.

Hands on Learning for Event Coordinator Jobs

Event Coordinator Jobs are not something you can learn just by reading – it’s truly about the real life examples that others share – and what better way to learn and experience that – than in the class room.

If you have no or little experience, it’s a wonderful way to get the big picture and look at what our industry standards are and what you can expect once you get out there and begin your new career. Or perhaps you have some experience like planning a wedding or planning some events or meetings at work – these courses will provide you with an excellent way to take your skill set to the next level.

Finally, if you’re truly serious about doing this as a career, you need this foundation, not only to apply for a job, but to assist you in building your business too.

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