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Digital Event Strategist

Recently, I shared that I signed up and completed the Digital Event Strategist course through PCMA. It was truly an unexpected and valuable experience that I would highly recommend to my event colleagues.

Before diving into my course experience, I have to be completely honest. I do not consider myself tech-savvy. I have a team helping me along with technology and would consider myself a late adopter of the idea of digital events. Pre Covid, in-person events were how most of us planned. Of course, with the pandemic annihilating any in-person activities, times were changing, and I needed to invest in learning about digital events for all my clients.

The low down

THE DES (Digital Event Strategist) course is broken into 6 modules, and each was instructed by an experienced industry leader. The first module began with laying out the basics –which for someone like me who did not have her Zoom or Microsoft Teams account until this time last year – was a good place to start.

But that is not all.

Beyond the basics, the course was well-organized and segmented into many relevant and useful topics, covering everything from digital presentations and ways of engaging to how to leverage your metrics to show ROI on your digital event. The best part about this course is that it provides actual tools that you could walk away with and legitimate sharing of high-level strategy.

And on top of that, here are some other things I loved:


Since I was working on my first completely digital conference, the course work was timely. But the Slack channel created by the organizers of the DES helped to build a sense of community with other students. This community is huge, including event and meeting planners from all over the world sharing their expertise. You could ask any questions and expect to get an array of answers. While many of us are used to working independently, being in a part of a supportive community was definitely worth the investment in the course.


Although I am fairly new to digital planning, seeing some of the plans I had before starting the course aligned with what my colleagues in other markets were also doing gave me a sense of reassurance. When my digital conference was complete along with my course, I heard from some of the attendees that it was surely the best online learning experience they had to date.


As an event planner in Calgary or one in any market, the emergence of digital and hybrid events is undeniably a part of our future. I think there is a misconception that doing a digital event is inexpensive. But, there were so many examples within this coursework that reminded me of the value that our strategic event partners and what we as event professionals bring to the table. I highly recommend this course to other planners who are wondering if it is worth the investment. In the meantime, I will continue to advocate that my clients invest in the right technology to help them bridge the gap between live, digital and hybrid events.

If you are looking to take your next event digital, contact and we will help you decide what might be the best fit for you.

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