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Corporate Events During a Pandemic

Normally this time of year our calendars are jam packed with festive events and holiday lunches but, as we’ve all discussed time and time again – this year is like no other.

While last week we discussed corporate gift ideas as an event substitute in how to spread Corporate Holiday Cheer During a Pandemic, this week I thought perhaps we could consider the ways we can actually host a socially distanced, contactless experience that allow your team the opportunity to participate in an “event” while still abiding by all our stringent new rules. I know it seems impossible BUT, believe it or not, there are a few options out there. For instance…


Family Friendly

One of the events that many companies had to consider cancelling this season was their children’s Holiday party. As a local planner who has had the good fortune of working with the Calgary Zoo for a number of years, they naturally popped to my mind first as a COVID friendly outdoor holiday venue option.

Offering family tickets to zoo lights can be an excellent event style alternative that every little kid and family can still appreciate. You could even get extra creative by incorporating a digital or photo scavenger hunt or gift pick up station to keep your team and this distanced activity connected.


Office Lunch Gatherings

Some offices are back and up and running and while a holiday potluck in our market would be a no go (at present), supporting local restaurants with a special meal delivery is always a welcome addition to any day.

Many caterers like Fit Kitchen and Fork + Farm Catering have even adapted their offering to individually packaged options that can be delivered anywhere your team may be working from. Supporting our community while giving your team an extra lunch treat is always a win.


Go Digital

Thanks to software like Zoom, Go To Meetings and Microsoft teams etc. it’s never been easier to virtually connect.

While traditional holiday dinners don’t necessarily translate well on these platforms – because who wants to eat in front of a camera? – there are a number of engaging activities that can certainly be turned into a fun, memorable experience for even the grinchiest among us. Take, for instance:

    • A Cooking Class with a delivered meal, led by the chef from wherever it originated
    • Building a Grinch tree or gingerbread house or snowman…the arts and craft possibilities here are endless
    • Holiday scavenger hunt with household items and some fun prizes
    • Holiday bingo
    • Local entertainment filmed safely from a remote location

Creativity is key with these types of initiatives and the more you can personalize the experience to your business and team, the more entertaining it will become. It’s important, however, to remember that logistics and technology management will become more important than ever with this type of event so working with professionals to help ensure things run smoothly can make all the difference.

However unorthodox, business does still go on and that’s in large part thanks to all the amazing teams out there. Our usual festivities may not be possible but with a little creativity it’s still possible to stay connected and show just how much we appreciate those who help make it all happen.

Interested in creating your holiday party remotely this year? Email us at to see what might be possible for your next holiday event!


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