corporate dry cleaning Estero

corporate dry cleaning Estero

Corporate dry cleaning in Estero will keep your clothes looking sharp and your employees looking great for all the wining and dining appointments they do. However, whether you’re a business owner sending clothes out for dry cleaning or if you’re an employee at a company that wants to make a good impression during your next business meeting, we want to be sure you look your best. Make sure you’re taking care of your clothes by doing the following:

Wash Them Regularly

When you do as much corporate dry cleaning in Estero as we do, you get to know a lot about clothes and about how long you should go between washing them. The truth is that washing your clothes frequently can really damage them or at least wear them out a lot quicker.

Generally, you should only wear your dress shirts once, while suit jackets and pants can usually be worn twice, especially if you are freshening them up between wearing. The exception to the rule is if you spill something on your clothing and need to clean it up right away. It’s best to do what you can for the spot and then take it to the dry cleaners.

corporate dry cleaning Estero

Dial It Down on the Detergent

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but laundry detergent companies may be making a lot of money off people who are using their recommended guidelines for the amount of detergent to use. We have found as have many of our clients that often a tablespoon of detergent is plenty for high efficiency washing machines. Set-in stains are usually best removed by pre-treating the stain prior to throwing in the wash, and so you can use less detergent by taking care of your clothes pre-wash.

Use Cold Water with Care

Many people who choose not to dry clean their clothes sometimes mistakenly believe that washing their clothing items on a cold-water setting will do the trick. However, there is simply no replacement for dry cleaning. If your items indicate they are dry clean only, it’s best to follow that guideline.

However, there are other instances where you would be very much justified in washing your clothes in cold water. For instance, if you have clothing that you’re worried about the color bleeding, washing on cold will help. Purple, red, and black are considered unstable colors that are likely to bleed onto light colors.

Hang Dry When You Can

Perhaps you have items in your closet right now that say to hang dry. It seems that most people don’t follow this advice and will instead put their items in the dryer on tumble dry low setting or lay flat. Whether your clothing tags indicate it or not, hanging to dry is simply the best way to get your clothes dryer and feeling fresher.

Next time you pull out your suit for your upcoming company meeting or your dinner with clients, make sure that they’re properly clean so you can look nice and sharp. Corporate dry cleaning in Estero will definitely help with that. Give the team at Champion Cleaners a call today to see how we can help you look and feel your best.

corporate dry cleaning Estero

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