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When it comes to event venues - traditional spaces like convention centres, restaurants and hotels are the norm. They’re reliable and comfortable but they’re also becoming a little stale. Edgy and unconventional is what stands out these days and planners who are willing to take the risk can often see some big rewards. Take Meeting Planners International (MPI) for example. In January I was asked to sit on a panel at one of their
Rain, rain go away… I was a guest at an event recently and while it was a beautiful affair, nestled in a lovely field surrounded by the mountains, the ceremony took place in the rain.  I know there wasn’t an event planner involved and this experience reminded me how important the little details are that we sometimes take for granted. It’s also easy to forget how quickly weather can make an event go sideways. As a Calgary
It's May and we are about two months away from the 104th Calgary Stampede. You may have been sitting on the proverbial fence about doing anything Stampede related or any Calgary Stampede Events for your organization. While two months might not seem like a lot of time to plan, I have some suggestions for how your company can still be a part of the action without necessarily breaking the bank to participate.
I don’t know about you but there have been a few instances in my life where I have decided that I would save some money and attempt something that a professional should handle. I remember the tears in my son’s eyes after a botched hair cut or having to call in reinforcements when some house projects went outside of the scope of my knowledge or skills. As Calgary Event Planners we are often over looked as