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Here we are just days away from the Easter Holidays and where I am (in Calgary) we're still pretty much restricted to spending the holidays this year with those in our bubble. Don’t get me wrong, I love my little bubble. But as a girl who comes from a large, loud Italian family where major holidays are spent with, you know, fifty family members, cooking for 3 still feels a little odd. Our family dinners are a pot luck of sorts, because
New year. New you! That’s right it’s resolution season folks! That time of year where everyone starts to reevaluate their habits and do their best to make adjustments that will hopefully improve their overall well-being. As cliché as these annual rituals may seem, the one goal that never seems to fade is healthy eating. The clean eating, whole eating, better eating lifestyle has truly taken hold – and for good reason! Food
Most of us have been to a conference or two at some point in our careers. We all flock to huge convention centres or hotels to hear all about the latest advancements and meet the newest industry hot shots who entertain us with career anecdotes and inspire us to innovate and excel. What could be better? Unfortunately, while these fantastic learning opportunities are often a welcome escape from our day to day schedule they inevitably
February may be the month of love and passion but, for me, that doesn’t necessarily translate into flowers and dinner reservations. Passion doesn’t have to stop with romance. It’s about embracing everything that excites us and gives us purpose. It’s just as much about the “what” that inspires us as it is about the “who” that joins us on our journey - which is why, this month, we’re talking passion projects. I recently embarked on my
Canada Day is right around the corner which means it’s time to start planning the big 151! We are unbelievably fortunate to live in such a diverse country that is practically bursting with regional delicacies from different cultures across the country. Whether you live on one of our breathtaking coastlines or under the big sky of the prairies or up in the rugged north, every corner of our country has something uniquely Canadian
Recently,  I took a long-term client to meet with the event coordinator and chef at the venue for their upcoming corporate holiday event. We began the process of building their menu, which then inspired me to write this post. When a menu is done well, it’s easy to take it for granted that it was an easy process to put it together. What initially sounds good by description doesn’t always translate well in both taste and presentation.
If you are a true Calgarian then you know Stampede is in our blood. Having been born in Calgary, I have attended and planned more than my fair share of corporate Stampede events and always look forward to who has the best Calgary Stampede Menu! The thing that I might love most about the Calgary Stampede is that just about anything goes! Along
I don’t know about you but there have been a few instances in my life where I have decided that I would save some money and attempt something that a professional should handle. I remember the tears in my son’s eyes after a botched hair cut or having to call in reinforcements when some house projects went outside of the scope of my knowledge or skills. As Calgary Event Planners we are often over looked as