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Site plans are one of those tools that have become an invaluable resource that you may want to consider and develop for your next event. It’s great to be able to map out how you are going to fit the allotted number of guests into your venue space. This applies to stand up or sit down receptions also meetings, trade shows, conferences and social occasion.

Site plans at first glance:

In our last blog we talked about Entertainment for Corporate Events and the different areas within a contract that you can negotiate. We can now look at all the places where these costs might not appear - as dollars and what you can be prepared to spend to have notable entertainment at your next event. So you’re happy with the negotiated costs for your headlining act. Let’s say you book a name brand band to play at your Stampede
All corporate event planners wear a number of hats when it comes to planning. Project managers, accountants, designers, and so much more and while we are not lawyers we deal with a lot contracts. I have been so very fortunate to work on events that have included some big name entertainment acts over the years. While I love this aspect of planning, there are things I always share with my corporate clients to keep in mind, when
As you might imagine when working in the arena of live experiences for a living, event professionals run into all sorts of opportunities to Creative Problem Solve. Last month, Stacy Harwood of One West Events and I spoke at the
SHHHHHH can you keep a secret?! As we head into the holiday event planning season here in Calgary, I decided to pull a page out of my little black book and talk about one of my secret weapons in my event tool box - event lighting. While you may never really noticed it, until it’s really done well – lighting  has been and continues to be one of those layered touches. I have used it to elevate many of the
Being a Calgary Event Planner, I read lots of articles about events here. I recently read an article about an event that was to be hosted in Northern Alberta - which was to have lobsters. Being that we’re a little land-locked, these creatures were to be flown in, shipped and of course would have been the star of the show. Unfortunately, there were some shipping issues and the stars didn’t arrive on time. The event had to be
In the 14 years that I have been planning events in Calgary, I have seen a shift in the industry of Calgary Event Production. Both clients and planners are taking a look at the bigger picture of risk management and this is becoming a growing aspect of our industry. This of course stems from some of the horror stories we’ve all heard regarding various incidents where something looked innocent, like an outdoor concert, quickly turned
There was a time in my career where I didn’t put a lot of emphasis on hiring a proper Calgary Event Photographer, and I can say with all honesty that when I would hear the associated costs with using a professional, I would think – I have a camera (wink wink). I’m sure no one reading this has done the same! In my very first blog I wrote about “Why Hire an Event
July 1st, 2016 marks our 149th Canada Day! Since its a statutory holiday, this week we are going to depart from talking about corporate events, and talk about this country wide celebration on a personal level - Canada Day Party Ideas! Many of us will celebrate this day with friends and loved ones, perhaps by hosting or attending a party, BBQ or picnic. If you’re hosting, consider ways you can incorporate red,
It's May and we are about two months away from the 104th Calgary Stampede. You may have been sitting on the proverbial fence about doing anything Stampede related or any Calgary Stampede Events for your organization. While two months might not seem like a lot of time to plan, I have some suggestions for how your company can still be a part of the action without necessarily breaking the bank to participate.
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