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Event Planners Tool Box – Event Lighting and Design

SHHHHHH can you keep a secret?!

As we head into the holiday event planning season here in Calgary, I decided to pull a page out of my little black book and talk about one of my secret weapons in my event tool box – event lighting.

While you may never really noticed it, until it’s really done well – lighting  has been and continues to be one of those layered touches. I have used it to elevate many of the events I’ve planned. In Calgary, hands down my favourite lighting provider is Orange Frog Productions.  I asked the wildly talented and creative Pierre Marleau if he would contribute to this week’s blog as he has taken my events from beautiful to wow – simply with the use of light!

Orange Frog Productions


Q – How many events do you work on a year?

A – We work on 150 to 200 different events a year.


Q – For those planners who are new to working with a lighting designer, what type of budgets do you work within?

A – We work within budgets that range from $2500 TO $100K (for lighting).


Q – What  three things do you think every event should incorporate in terms of lighting?

A – 1) Lighting the food and food stations

2) Creating highlights the guests can focus on

3) Making lighting an active part of the decor concept and budget.

4) some extra advice – stop using LED blue wall up light


Q – Could you share three upcoming trends?

A – 1) Consider using geometric shapes projections/ gobos

2) Use non LED fixtures to create a softer look

3) Incorporate pastel color, like blush or off white.


Q – What are three of the most cost effective things you can do at your next event to elevate the look and feel with lighting?

A – 1) Light the speaker at the stage

2) Light the entire table instead of just pin spotting the centre piece

3) Choose a venue with dim-able lighting and bring down the intensity, if you are unable to afford lighting


I believe that a lighting designer is essential to every “special event”,  as is working with an event planner.  To talk about your special event, contact Jennifer James (403)294-1644 or email Jennifer@jenniferjamesevents.com

To learn more about event lighting you can reach Pierre and his talented team at www.orangefrogproductions.ca!


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