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Building a Custom Calgary Stampede Menu

If you are a true Calgarian then you know Stampede is in our blood. Having been born in Calgary, I have attended and planned more than my fair share of corporate Stampede events and always look forward to who has the best Calgary Stampede Menu!

The thing that I might love most about the Calgary Stampede is that just about anything goes! Along with that, you can get as creative and outside of the box with your menu as you want. On the flip side, Stampede is also about comfort food…. oh and deep frying, let’s not forget about the deep frying!

First and foremost I love to look at what the Calgary Stampede is going to showcase on their midway. This provides me with timely and relevant inspiration for my Calgary Stampede Menu. Every year, about this time, the Stampede releases a blog outlining the new delicious treats that are promised to be gastro-awesome! If you don’t believe me just take a look for yourself at this year’s culinary lineup at:!

As you can see there are the old standby favorites such as hotdogs and mini doughnuts; however, these are combined with the new players in town like butter chicken fries and for the truly adventurous sticky toffee bug balls?! EEK!

The one thing I think we can all agree on is there are no vegetables needed in a true stampede menu, unless of course as a garnish.

Stampede is all about meat, carbs and tasty deep-frying delights!

Calgary Stampede Menu Ideas

With your meat you could do simple menu items such as:

  • chili
  • hotdogs / corn dogs
  • pulled pork, chicken or beef
  • sliders
  • ribs

And the best part is, you can customize your menu based on the meat or poultry you are choosing. Western, southwestern or perhaps even something I haven’t considered here that you’ve always wanted to try!

For your carbs consider:

  • potatoes…. fried, baked, stuffed, covered in cheese curd or even butter chicken!
  • buns – fresh, buttered, buttermilk, pretzel, even gluten-free
  • corn muffins

If you need help with your Calgary Stampede Menu, or to get an estimate on planning your next event, contact Jennifer James at 403-294-1644 or email

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