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2021 is My Year of GRACE

What’s your word? Setting Intentions in 2021…


I’m not one for making dramatic new years resolutions. If I want to eat healthier or get active, I’ve found it’s much more effective to set realistic intentions immediately. In my 20’s I committed to eating healthy, a few years ago I decided to focus my efforts on balance and active living and so far all these decisions have, not only, stuck but have helped shaped my entire world for the better.


So, what’s the secret? I think making yourself a priority and choosing realistic goals is certainly a big help but it’s different for everyone. This year I’ve decided to shape my intentions based on great advice from some of my smartest friends and I’m basing my year on a single word. That’s right! One word to inspire my year and provide clarity for everything I plan to do. I know it sounds a little unorthodox but check out this post (https://www.angelanicolecoaching.com/blog-1/2021/1/18/why-having-a-word-of-the-year-matters) from the wonderful Angela Nicole Coaching. It’s such a great philosophy and it really does make sense.


With this in mind, I officially welcome 2021 as my year of GRACE.


By definition grace is described as elegance and beauty of motion and expression. It’s a sense of proprietary and consideration for others and a disposition towards kindness and compassion. Given the current state of our world, I really don’t think I could embrace anything better.


As my professional passions continue to stay paused and a return to life as we knew it still seems ages away, It’s going to be more important for me – and everyone perhaps – to adopt a little more grace. I plan to remind myself regularly that I need to stay committed and keep showing up no matter what the circumstances.


This new outlook has also inspired me to look inward and find the grace within – to focus on my mental wellbeing by embracing activities like reading, meditating and maybe even the odd motivational podcast.


This year I plan to lift myself up and embrace my community through grace in all its forms.


Now it’s your turn. Let’s adopt these new intentions together! What’s your word?


Stay tuned, next week as I plan to share some of my coping mechanisms for dealing with the shift in our realities.

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