August 2016 - Calgary Event Planner
Being a Calgary Event Planner, I read lots of articles about events here. I recently read an article about an event that was to be hosted in Northern Alberta - which was to have lobsters. Being that we’re a little land-locked, these creatures were to be flown in, shipped and of course would have been the star of the show. Unfortunately, there were some shipping issues and the stars didn’t arrive on time. The event had to be

Which is best for you and why you might want to try something new?!

When I started planning events in Calgary 14 years ago, there were few options for décor in the city and events had a very standard format and feel. At the time – it was normal to have a ballroom or convention space with round tables that held eight to 12 people around them. There were  plenty of options in terms of table coverings, chairs, chair covers and
Did you know that Calgary had more rain in July than all of 2015? This affected many Calgary Stampede Eventsand I imagine weddings around the city and province – but they still took place. The economic downturn in our city continues to affect business and the event planning industry is no exception. Many parties and Calgary Events in that would have been
In the 14 years that I have been planning events in Calgary, I have seen a shift in the industry of Calgary Event Production. Both clients and planners are taking a look at the bigger picture of risk management and this is becoming a growing aspect of our industry. This of course stems from some of the horror stories we’ve all heard regarding various incidents where something looked innocent, like an outdoor concert, quickly turned