May 2016 - Calgary Event Planner
If you are a true Calgarian then you know Stampede is in our blood. Having been born in Calgary, I have attended and planned more than my fair share of corporate Stampede events and always look forward to who has the best Calgary Stampede Menu! The thing that I might love most about the Calgary Stampede is that just about anything goes! Along
As an Event Planner instructor at Mount Royal University, I often encounter people entering the event planning industry. Their ages range from 18- 65 and their experience is all over the map. The question always comes up: Event Planners - How Much Do They Make? I encourage people who are interested in doing these
It's May and we are about two months away from the 104th Calgary Stampede. You may have been sitting on the proverbial fence about doing anything Stampede related or any Calgary Stampede Events for your organization. While two months might not seem like a lot of time to plan, I have some suggestions for how your company can still be a part of the action without necessarily breaking the bank to participate.